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Prepare for The Division with this simulator

On February 25, 2016 by Ash Meehan

Collapse_Screenshot (2)

As the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division gets closer, Ubisoft has released Collapse, a simulator that lets you see just how quickly society can collapse in the face of a worldwide virus.

Collapse is an online interactive experience that uses real data to create a personalised projection of the end of society. In the simulator, you are patient zero of a highly infectious virus, as you go through the experience you are asked to make several choices that will have consequences for the spread of the pandemic.

Ubisoft has given the following information as to how the experience works, “Based on Open Street Map, NASA open source data and IATA Flight routes, with input from emergency risk specialists and public service employees, Collapse features more than 3800 cities worldwide, home of 95% of the population. The user can compare different scenarios by choosing another epicenter or by making different choices in the simulator, and find the most vulnerable and the safest cities.”

Collapse is an interesting simulator all though it is pretty simplistic and lacking data. For example, when the simulator asked what hospital I wished to visit, the choice didn’t include my local hospital, which is odd considering it is considered a relatively large hospital. Also, the idea that a person would be allowed on a plane during a pandemic makes almost no sense to me.

If you are interested in trying out Collapse, visit http://collapse-thedivisiongame.ubi.com. Also, don’t forget that Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8th.

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