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Acttil to publish Fallen Legion

On December 3, 2015 by Aaron Meehan


Digital publishers, Acttil has announced that they are publishing YummyYummyTummy’s newest title the PS4 exclusive real-time side-scrolling RPG, Fallen Legion.

Fallen Legion is set for release on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe in summer 2016, and the game will be showcased at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience in San Francisco.

To learn more about the game, Acttil has provided the following story and key feature information:

For ages, Fenumia has ruled over the vast continent, and now the crown has been passed down to the princess. Among the artifacts of the recently departed king lies a sentient book that holds timeless knowledge and an extraordinary power to breathe life into weaponry. Guided by this mysterious tome, the unwavering Princess Cecille journeys on a personal quest to restore her kingdom to its former glory. As she travels beyond the castle borders, however, she finds nothing is truly as it seems.

How far will she go to save her home…?


  • Command your Legion! – Control four characters simultaneously and master the power combo attacks in fierce, real-time battles”
  • Think fast! – While clashing with rebel armies, you must make split-second decisions on how to rule your kingdom! Fast-paced, side-scrolling action requires you to act quickly!
  • Friend or foe? – Be prepared for the twists and turns as Fallen Legion’s fantastic story unfolds!
  • A hand-drawn world! – From the fangs of mystical dragons to the bricks in Fenumia’s castle walls, every image has been hand-drawn to create a stunningly detailed and captivating world!

For more information on Fallen Legion, visit http://fallenlegiongame.com/.

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