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Final Fantasy XIV EU data centre now online

On October 20, 2015 by Aaron Meehan


After a day and a half of downtime, Final Fantasy XIV’s EU data centre is finally online. The centre goes online just under a year after Square Enix revealed their plans for the centre.

Plans for the game’s EU date centre were announced during the London Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, which took place last October. The new centres will mean that the previously stated EU centre worlds, Chaos Centre worlds, are now actually in Europe. The worlds in the Chaos data centre are Cerberus, Lich, Moogle, Odin, Phoenix, Ragnarok, Shiva, and Zodiark.

As a player who plays on Cerberus, which is located on the Chaos data centre, I have noticed a drop in latency with myself getting a 45ms ping. Players in my free company have also reported improvements such as “Mudra lag” -this was an issue where Ninja’s had problems completing Mudra combinations- has apparently disappearing.

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