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Bohemia Interactive acquires a decommissioned tank

On October 16, 2015 by Aaron Meehan


Bohemia Interactive, a company well known for its sim/military shooter series, Arma, has revealed that they have bought a decommissioned T-72 Main Battle Tank.

According to Bohemia Interactive, the newly purchased tank will be used as a decoration and promotional material. “While the tank’s practical purpose might be best described as decoration, inspiration for developers, plus a promotional device for special events, it also serves as a reminder of the studio’s roots and represents Bohemia Interactive’s long-term commitment to creating the best (military) games available,” explained Bohemia Interactive’s press release.

Bohemia interactive decided to drop some information regarding the tank they purchased. The tank was originally used by the Czechoslovak People’s Army and its successors, most of the tank’s systems are disabled, the tank must be driven at least once a year and it can only be transported over public roads during the night and only after acquiring a special permit, and finally the tank has been nicknamed “Edita”.

Hats off to Bohemia Interactive to purchasing a tank and as you can see from the above video the company seem happy with their purchase.

Above image is from Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3

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