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FFXIV celebrates its second year with a human touch

On August 27, 2015 by Aaron Meehan


Today, Square-Enix kicked off in-game celebrations for Final Fantasy XIV‘s 2nd anniversary of the MMOs re-launch, and so to the developers decided to enter the game to thank players directly.

After completing “The Rising” seasonal quest (an in-game event to remember those who died in the Calamity – the event that ended the original FFXIV) players are transported to a secret room where they are greeted by Naoki Yoshida – Final Fantasy XIV’s director. After he greets and thanks you, you get to wander the secret room talking to various developers including Hideyuki Kasuga – lead programmer, Takeo Suzuki – Lead designer, Nobuaki Komoto – Lead planner, Hiroshi Minagawa – Lead UI and web artist, Kazutoyo Maehiro – Main scenario writer, Hiroshi Takai – Assistant Director, Mitsutoshi Gondai – Assistant director and lead battle planner, Koji Shirasugi – Online Business Management Division, and Masayoshi Soken – Sound Director for FFXIV (so sorry if I missed a developer featured in the room).


As a person who plays Final Fantasy XIV way, too much, I was pretty thrilled by this almost direct thank you, which honestly made me smile.

The secret room also dropped hints (unable to tell if they are fake or real) about future jobs. With developers hinting at least two new jobs for 4.0: red mage and samurai. There was also a rather amusing line from Hiroshi Takai’s character talking about never getting a particular atma, for those unaware Atmas were once very rare drops that player were required to gather to complete your jobs relic weapon (if I remember correctly it almost took me a month to get one out of the twelve required Atma.

In the end, it is nice to see how much the developers care for their community.

For more information on Final Fantasy XIV, visit http://www.finalfantasyxiv.com/

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