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Sony Online Entertainment splits from Sony

On February 2, 2015 by Aaron Meehan


Sony Online Entertainment, the developers of Everquest and various other MMOs, have parted company with Sony after being purchased by New York based investment firm, Columbus Nova. SOE has also changed their name to Daybreak Game Company.

The rebranding and split from Sony will not affect any released or games in development, so Everquest Next and H1Z1 fans there is no need to worry. However, the press release hints that the studio could look at multi-platform releases:

“With the completion of the transaction, SOE will now operate as an independent game development studio and will continue to focus on creating quality online games, providing excellent service to its extensive player base, while centering on its untapped potential as a multi-platform online gaming company.”

This means games such as the zombie survival MMO, H1Z1 could appear on the Xbox One. In fact, John Smedly, President of Daybreak Game Company wrote a tweet about the possibility of the company making Xbox One games.

In the past Sony Online Entertainment has released some create online games. Their lists of titles include Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest I & II, PlanetSide I & II, and many more.

Some additional information regarding the departure from Sony was released via the company’s official forums.

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