Review: FIFA 15 (PS4)

On October 8, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

EA Sports’ FIFA series is a good solid game that entertains football fans and offers a constant stream of new feature, and the latest FIFA title, FIFA 15 is no exception. As a football fan myself I enjoy the series, but FIFA 15 made me stop and ask, have the new features truly enhanced or changed my experience?

Well the answer to my own question would be yes. From a presentation perspective the new features have improved the game’s immersion, as the “dynamic match presentation” makes the game feel more alive as you hear fans react to your on field performance with boos, chants and cheers. However the commentary can be a bit slow as they might only mention a tactical change you made several in-game minutes after you made it. The new “living pitch” feature also works well as the pitch visibly degrades over time.

While presentation is important, it is only part of the battle. When it comes to gameplay the game very much feels like FIFA 14, but with some new bells and whistles. Unless you are really keen you might not immediately notice some of the new/updated features, which include: “Next Gen Goalkeeper”, “team tactics”, “player control”, “man-to-man battles” and “correct contacts”. The reason why these new features aren’t immediately noticeable is the fact they would be mostly for skilled players who can take advantage of the improved player control to dribble past players, so unless you are a person who likes to delve deep into the game you are unlikely to notice some of the new/updated features.

Away from talk of new/updated features the game still boasts a large number of modes. Modes include: Kick off, career, tournament, ultimate team, skill games, practice arena, online and co-op matches. As FIFA 15 is a licensed game it has a huge array of real world clubs, leagues, players and stadiums. In FIFA 15 there are 35 licensed leagues, over 600 clubs, 16,000+ players and 41 licensed stadiums. If you are fan on the English Premier League than you are in for a treat as now all 20 premier league stadiums are full licensed.

With all these features and licensed content how does the game play? Well it plays the same as every other FIFA game. I’m a simple minded player when it comes to FIFA I favour the simple path of pass, cross and shoot. Although the improvements defensive side of the game is a welcome bonus as it was a portion of the game that felt underdeveloped and fake, but now in FIFA 15 with some visible physicality to defending with visible shirt pulling defending feels more authentic and real.

Just like in many sports games the visuals is an important part of FIFA 15 as EA Sports have made the game look gorgeous on the PlayStation 4. The stadiums look as close to the real thing as possible and as I said above you see the pitch evolve from a pristine green surface to a surface with chunks of grass missing etc. As for the players the kits and faces both look lifelike, although some faces give a blank lifeless stare.

While FIFA 15 is a solid game there are some issues such as severe frame rate drops that required me to turn the game off and on again to fix, and there is also the fact players seem to like to fall over team mates a lot. This issue with players falling down easily can be annoying as it leaves you at a huge disadvantage for several seconds.


FIFA 15 is a solid sports title. The improved atmospheric and graphical features make the game feel more alive. Gameplay has also being enhanced with numerous new additions, but the game doesn’t force these additions down your throat.

Score: 8/10


+ Dynamic match presentation and changing surface makes you feel like you are watching a real match
+ You are not forced to use advanced techniques such as dribbling skills to be good at the game
+ Players look almost identical to their real life counterparts
+ Even more licensed clubs, stadiums, teams and leagues

– Severe frame rate issues

Developer Publisher Genre Rating Platform Release date
EA Canada EA Sports sports 3+ PC, PS3, PS4, XBone, XB360 September 26

For more information on FIFA 15, visit http://www.easports.com/fifa.

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