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First Final Fantasy XIV expansion announced

On October 19, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

Final Fantasy XIV fans get ready for more jobs, areas and levelling as Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, Heavensward was announced at this weekend’s North American Final Fantasy XIV fan fest.

The new expansion, which will be available in spring 2015, will see players head north to the city of Ishgard. According to the key notes speech the focus of the expansion’s story will be on the one thousand year war between Ishgard and Dravania and the player’s role in the conflict.

Heavensward isn’t just about travelling north as the new expansion will provide players will a wealth of new content, which includes:

  • A level cap increase from 50 to 60 across all jobs and professions.
  • Massive new areas
  • New race
  • Multiple new jobs
  • New primals
  • Challenging new dungeons
  • High-end raids
  • Free Company airships
  • New gear and recipes

Square Enix has promised that fans will be getting more information on the expansion’s new jobs and possibly race at next week’s European Final Fantasy XIV fan fest in London. To tide fans over until more information is released, Square Enix has released a Heavensward teaser trailer.

If you think Square Enix won’t be doing anything in the game until the expansion is released you would incorrect as Square Enix plans to release patch 2.4 – “Dreams of Ice” – later this month. This new free update adds a new class and job (Rogue and Ninja), new raid, new primal fight, and new main and side stories. You can check out all the new 2.4 content in the below trailer.

As a person who is playing Final Fantasy XIV, I cannot wait for 2.4 and this newly announced expansion.

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