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PS4 sales exceed ten million units

On August 13, 2014 by Ash Meehan

During Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press briefing, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan revealed that Sony had sold more than ten million PS4 units worldwide.

Following the announcement Jim Ryan quickly pointed out that the ten million-unit figure were PS4s bought by consumers and not shipped to stores, “Just to be clear that means 10 million PS4s sold through to consumers”. Ten million sold in less than a year is an extremely impressive number especially as The Guardian  points out the PS2, the most successful console of all time, took a year to sell three million-units. Although there is no way to be sure that, the PS4 will reach or pass the PS2s record-breaking sales figure of around 150 million units sold worldwide.

While the PS4 is, doing well with such high numbers what about their main competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One. Well Microsoft has not released any official numbers, but if Microsoft’s last financial quarter report is anything to go by the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One three-to-one, which means for every three PlayStation 4s sold only one Xbox One is sold. While you can argue that the reason for this is down to the fact that the PS4 is available in more countries than the Xbox One the sale difference if true is a massive win for Sony as it would likely tempt more developers to make exclusives/timed exclusives or console first-releases.

For me the difference in popularity between the two consoles was plain as day to see at and shortly as trying to purchase a PlayStation 4 from GameStop required for me to be a waiting list for several weeks, but for the Xbox One there was no such list as stores had seemingly no problem keeping them in stock.

While it seems the PlayStation 4 is currently selling better than the Xbox One, it certainly doesn’t mean that the Xbox One is defeated or however you want to put it as the Xbox One could easily catch up to the PS4.

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