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On February 17, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

Want to get the feeling of being in a rave without leaving your house? Well if you do Llamasoft’s TxK is the game for you. At only €6.99 TxK is a visually stunning and enjoyable to play, but only in short bursts.

If you are looking for something groundbreaking, you won’t find it in this game, but not every game needs to try and reinvent the wheel. TxK is simple, you control what I could describe as a ship and move along a track shooting enemies and collect the power ups that approach you. The enemies on their own aren’t challenging, but the amount of enemies and getting to grips with each new track can prove to be tricky, but after one failure you can easily complete the level and move onto the next. Collecting the power ups that appear is incredibly important, especially if you wish to complete a level in the easiest way possible. My favourite power up is the ability to jump, that might sound dumb at first, but when a bunch of enemies reach you will be thanking your lucky stars that you can jump up and clear them out.


TxK has 100 levels, and three modes: classic, survival and pure. Each level is as intense visually as the last, but I found myself only playing the game in short bursts. The reason for this was mainly down to the movement controls. The problem with the controls for me is that with the ever changing tracks I kept losing my bearings, which led me to pressing what I thought was the direction to go left, but was actually the button to go right. For me the control issues extended past the track shooting and into the level transition game, in this mini-game you have to fly through rings by either tilting the vita or using the left analog stick, but no matter how many times I tried moving I would miss the ring 90% of the time. The controls is TxK’s biggest issue with it making the mini-game rather difficult and making the game itself more complicated than it should.

Visually, TxK is lovely with hypnotising particle effects and glowing vectors; with such eye catching visuals it is easy to lost in the game. When it comes to sound the game’s soundtrack makes you feel like you are in a club with its pulse-pounding music. When you combine the visuals and music you get the experience of being in a night club minus the expensive drinks.



Should you buy TxK? YES

For only €6.99 Llamasoft’s TxK is a visually impressive game with a large variety of levels and modes. However the game is let down by some clumsy feeling controls, that take a while to get used too.


+ Amazing visuals and music
+ A large variety o f levels and modes

– Controls feel clumsy

Developer           Publisher           Genre         Rating       Platform        Release Date
Llamasoft             Llamasoft            Arcade             3+          PS Vita       February 12, 2014

Where to buy TxK?

PlayStation Store (EU)

For more information on TxK, visit http://minotaurproject.co.uk/txk/index.php

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