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Tales of Xillia gets more DLC costumes

On September 5, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

Namco Bandai Games’ Tales of Xillia is has received new DLC costumes in the form of ‘School Uniforms’ and ‘Tribute to Tales series’ DLC. Each DLC costume set has six costumes, with each costume costing €2.99 each. There is no bundle deal available.

It is quite surprising there is no bundle price option for the DLC, as it would be a nice option to buy all six costumes at once with a potential bundle price. While some people might welcome the inclusion of 12 new costume options, Tales of Xillia already had a good number of downloadable content. If you exclude the 12 new options, the game has a total of 34 pieces of DLC. This included DLC costumes, gold boosts, level boosts etc.

Regardless of the price which would see each set costing €17.94 each, the costumes don’t look half bad. The School Uniforms aren’t half bad, with my favourite being Alvin’s as it still the costume still keeps the shady, untrustworthy feel the character has. As for the Tribute to Tales series, it is difficult to pick a favourite, but if pressed I would pick Milla’s costume which is the costume worn Dhaos from Tale of Phantasia. The only reason why it’s my favourite is because honestly it is one of the less goofy looking outfits.

To announce the release of these two new pieces of DLC, Namco Bandai Games released two trailers which feature the new costumes.

Tales of Xillia – PS3 – School Uniforms DLC trailer

Tales of Xillia – PS3 – Tribute to Tales series DLC trailer

For those wondering which Tales of game the costumes are from in the second trailer. Here is a list courtesy of Namco Bandai Games Europe.

  • Jude is wearing the costume of Leon Magnus
  • Milla is dressed as Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia.
  • Alvin proves to be an amazing double of Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia
  • Elize unveils for the very first time in 3D HD the costume of Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia.
  • Rowen demonstrates his magic skills in Barbatos Goetia’s suit from Tales of Destiny 2
  • Leia dresses as Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia.

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