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Steam summer sale Day 2

On July 12, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

It is day 2 of the Steam summer sale. Once again there are ten new games available on the daily deals. The games on the daily deals include Chivalry Medieval Warfare to Anno 2070. Below is a full list of the games under daily deals, and their prices (all prices are in euro).

Chivalry Medieval Warfarewas: €22.99 now: €5.74
Darksiders IIwas: €49.99 now: €9.99
The Walking Deadwas: €24.99 now: €6.24
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2was: €29.99 now: €4.49
FTL Faster Than Lightwas: €9.99 now: €2.49
Surgeon simulator 2013was: €9.99 now: €3.39
Call of Duty Black Ops IIwas: €59.99 now: €29.99
FEZwas: €9.99 now: €4.99
Just Cause 2was: €14.99 now: €2.99
Anno 2070was: €29.99 now: €14.99

Along with the daily deals there are flash sales which take place every 8 hours.

The Steam summer sale will run from July 11 – July 22.

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