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RuneScape 3 is now live

On July 22, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

Jagex has today officially launched RuneScape 3. RuneScape 3 is the third version of the popular browser based MMORPG, Runescape. The third version brings about the sixth age, upgraded graphics and more.

RuneScape 3 is RuneScape’s third major update since the original RuneScape classic was released in January 2001. The game’s previous major updates include RuneScape 2 which was launched in April 2004 and RuneScape HD was released in July 2008.

RuneScape 3 features a large amount of changes. First and foremost are the improved graphics with the HTML 5 client (the client is still currently in a beta state) and improved audio with orchestral music, the audio in RuneScape now having their own dedicated servers.

There are also lore changes with the game entering the sixth age, the age of the gods. In this age the gods are appearing once more trying to control the world. To make the world more alive there will be player-driven dynamic events which according to Jagex will shape the content and lore of the game.

“The simultaneous launch of RuneScape 3 around the world has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team over the last year,” said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer of RuneScape 3 in the official announcement press release. “RuneScape 3 ushers in a new age for players in terms of user-driven content, story, gameplay and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to write the next chapter in RuneScape’s epic saga.”

Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, stated, “The RuneScape 3 development team has worked tirelessly to delight our community with this significant upgrade. The Jagex team and I are truly honoured to be able to be part of this formative occasion and to provide our cherished community, past and present, the RuneScape update of a decade. Married to the concept of our players determining the future of RuneScape, we believe RuneScape 3 is the most ambitious game ever launched on this cutting-edge future technology and lays the foundation for our upcoming expansion onto tablets.”

It looks like RuneScape 3 could be the perfect time to return to RuneScape, but do be warned there are some bugs.

To celebrate the release of RuneScape 3, here is an infograph from Jagex.

RuneScape Infographic: 1 million years of game play
RuneScape Infographic: 1 million years of game play

To try out RuneScape 3 for free, visit www.runescape.com.

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