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Bohemia Interactive gives Arma 3 update

On December 14, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Bohemia Interactive has given an update regarding the development to their military shooter, Arma 3. The update includes: the two developers getting arrested and the game getting pushed back to 2013.

Joris-Jan van ‘t Land who replaced Daniel Musil as Project Lead on Arma 3 has released a status update for Arma 3. The status update can be read below.

We’ve been in the process of implementing changes that will help us innovate as a studio under unexpected circumstances – facing problems we simply couldn’t have imagined”, referring to the detainment of two Bohemia Interactive employees in Greece. Both were arrested on suspicion of espionage while spending their holiday on Lemnos – an island that served as inspiration for the environment in Arma 3. They have since remained in jail pending legal proceedings. “We’re still trying to make sense of the situation and hope that our colleagues will be released soon. Although their plight has certainly affected us on a personal level, we continue working on the tasks identified as key to the release of Arma 3.

Joris also revealed that the games release window has been set for 2013. Joris stated that “I hope this update provides some answers regarding the status of the project. We’re currently sorting the specifics so we can deliver a more complete announcement at the beginning of next year.”

For information about Arma 3 visit http://www.arma3.com.

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