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The restrictions for SWTOR free to play users revealed

On October 18, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Bioware has revealed the full set of restrictions for the upcoming free to play option of their mmorpg Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here is a short breakdown of the limitations of the free to play model according to the official SWTOR website free to play features page:

  • Players have full access to all characters stories from level 1-50.
  • There will be limited character creation options.
  • You will be required to buy a weekly pass to take part in operations.
  • You will only be able to take part in 3 warzones and 3 space missions per week. To take part in more you must purchase a weekly pass.
  • For flashpoints you will gain full rewards from 3 flashpoints per week, to be able to receive full rewards from more than 3 you need to purchase a weekly pass.
  • Limited Cargo and inventory space. You can buy more space with Cartel coins.
  • Access to only one crew skill at a time. You can unlock additional crew skill slots with cartel coins.
  • Quick travel will be on a longer cooldown and you will not be able to use an emergency fleet pass unless purchased with cartel points.
  • Players will only be able to revive 5 times in the field or at the nearest med centre. You can unlock additional field revives with cartel coins.
  • No priority login.
  • Free to players will not be able to equip purple items unless a license is purchased with cartel points.
  • Free to play players will not be able to use the sprint ability at level 1.

Personally I am not in favour of these limitations as they do severally limit what players can do. It looks like EA and Bioware have looked at extreme usage of the free to play model in mmos and thought it would be the best way to go. I believe EA and Bioware should look at the free to play models of Turbine and Perfect World Entertainment games as they are not as they do not offer as many restrictions, but do seem to be turning a profit especially in the case of Turbine games Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online.

While the restrictions are likely to encourage free to play users to pay $15 per month to gain full access I feel that the heavy restrictions might turn players who were interested in trying out Star Wars: The Old Republic once it goes free to play.

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