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COD Elite to be free with Black Ops II

On October 15, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Activision has announced that COD Elite will no longer have a premium option and will be free with Black Ops II. With Elite now free, Black Ops II DLC will be sold via a season pass or via individual map packs.

Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops II will include:

  • Player HQ – Track Call of Duty: Black Ops II performance with rich game statistics, including enhanced match information such as heat maps and recent match data; track challenges and extensively modify your classes like never before using Treyarch’s new Pick 10 Create-a-Class system.
  • Clan HQ – Join an existing clan or start your own, invite friends and then take part in Call of Duty: Black Ops II clan competitions with cool digital prizing.
  • Zombies Support – For the millions of Zombies fans out there, now you can track your Zombies personal statistics and compare it to other players’ around the world.
  • Call of Duty Elite TV – Launching with tablet support with Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the new Call of Duty Elite TV will deliver a renewed community focus featuring developer tips and strategy programming, custom class overviews and more.
  • Social Sharing and Notifications – With Call of Duty Elite’s new notification system, you can stay updated with what is going on in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, as well as communicate directly with your clan.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II season pass will come with four DLC map packs. The map packs will include new multiplayer and zombie content and will be available in 2013. The Season Pass will cost 4000 Microsoft Points (PC and PS3 prices not available), this price compares to the individual pricing which is 1,200 MS Points each.

In today’s announcement Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg stated “For Call of Duty: Black Ops II, DLC Map Packs will be a separate offering from Call of Duty Elite. The Season Pass will be a great way to acquire all four Map Packs at a discount, but if our fans would rather take it one Map Pack at a time, then we’ll offer each pack á la carte for anyone who wants it. What we aren’t doing is requiring a paid membership to access the great player services for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and we’re thrilled to offer all of Elite’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II features to players for free.”

For those who currently Call of Duty Elite Premium members you will continue to receive the premium features for Modern Warfare 3 after your current subscription ends.

For more information on Call of Duty Elite, visit http://www.callofduty.com/elite.

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