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Guild Wars 2 goes back on sale

On September 13, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

ArenaNet has announced that it has once again started selling digital and physical copies of Guild Wars 2 after sales were suspended on August 30th.

ArenaNet originally suspended sales of their mmo back on August 30th because of the higher than expected number of users playing the game on launch. During the two week or so period that sales were suspended ArenaNet opened up new servers in North America and Europe, and increased the number of customer support agents in preparation for the resumption of sales.

“Preserving the customer experience has always been our top priority,” said Mike O’Brien, president and cofounder of ArenaNet. “We’re supporting Guild Wars 2 for the long run. We’ll always do what it takes to deliver the best online gaming experience for our customers, even when that means throttling sales.”

Earlier this week ArenaNet released a Guild Wars 2 live action trailer called “Our Time is now”. The video was directed by James McTeigue of the Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta fame. The trailer which can be seen below received a mixed reaction if the YouTube comments on the trailer is to believed with viewers such as Altaranalt saying “If the trailer wanted to create controverse. It worked :P everyone’s talking about it.”

If you wish to purchase Guild Wars 2 now that sales have resumed, visit https://buy.guildwars2.com.

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