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Tribes Ascend receives its 8th major update

On August 23, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Hi-Rez Studios’ has released the 8th major update for free to play shooter Tribes Ascend. The update includes a new mode, new weapons, new voices and more.

The new game mode is called ‘Blitz’. The mode is a variation of Capture the Flag: Each time your team scores a flag capture the enemy flag base moves. The new mode will be available on Arx Novena, Katbatic and Drydock.

The Technician gets three new weapons which are the TC24 a new four shot short-range primary weapon with explosive projectiles, a new belt item called the repair kit which automatically repair structures around it, and the EXR turret which is a new longer range turret that fires small explosive rockets.

The last major addition to the update is the addition of the classic Tribes 2 voice packs. The voice pack will contain 5 male voice packs, 5 female voice packs and 3 BioDerm voice packs.

The update all includes an array of changes and minor updates. You can view the full patch notes by visiting http://www.egmnow.com/tribesascend/tribesascend-update-blitz-version-1-0-1082/.

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