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PlanetSide 2 NDA lifted

On August 31, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

PlanetSide 2 beta testers and non-beta testers rejoice as Sony Online Entertainment has lifted the PlanetSide 2 NDA. Now those lucky few that are in the beta can discuss the game free of breaching agreement.

To go along with the dropping of the NDA SOE has released some stats from the beta:

  • Each beta tester plays on average just over two hours a day
  • 8.5 billion points of damage done to players
  • 5.8 billion points of damage done to vehicles
  • 535 million shots fired
  • 194.6 million shots hit
  • 6.3 million player deaths
  • 2.3 million rockets launched
  • 571 thousand grenades thrown
  • Empire allegiance breakdown:
    • Terran Republic: 34.67%
    • New Conglomerate: 32.96%
    • Vanu Sovereignty: 32.37%

I guess I should just say I am currently in the beta and I am really enjoying it (you might be able to tell when I stop posting news for a while during any given day). At present PlanetSide 2 appears far from completion as the game is still getting more and more optimized with each passing update.

While I was in beta I did take several screenshots which you can see below. I have to stress though that these screenshots do not represent the final product and that my computer isn’t exactly powerful enough to run the game to the very best of its ability, but hopefully these screenshots will give you an idea of what PlanetSide 2 is like.

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