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Learn to manage your own team in F1 Online: The Game

On May 3, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Codemasters have revealed details on how to manage your own team in the upcoming free to play game F1 Online: The Game. Along with some new details Codemasters have released a new F1 Online: The Game video introducing you to your new HQ.

In F1 Online: The Game when you create your own team you will be developing your own personal franchise with your own unique helmets and logo etc. Managing a team isn’t just about picking a logo you will also have to handle the different departments of your team to create a race winning team. You will have to handle research & development, production, commercial and more if you want to be the best.

According to the latest press release by Codemasters there are several ways to improve the performance of a team on the track. Players can research various different car upgrades and then create these new car parts in their Production department. Players will also recruit hundreds of staff required to run a cutting-edge racing team and expand their HQ facilities one building at a time to improve its development potential. Formula One is one of the most technologically advanced sports on the planet which requires significant funding, so the Commercial department will deal with finance and sponsorship to keep cash flowing in. Success on the track requires finding the right formula off it.

Finally here is the introduction to HQ trailer and some new screenshots showing of the management portion of the game.

F1 Online: The Game is currently in closed beta, but open beta is due to begin in Q2 2012.

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