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Gameforge drop some details about player housing in Aion

On May 18, 2012 by Aaron Meehan
Detached House

Gameforge have dropped some new details about how the new player housing system will work in update 3.0 of Aion: Free to Play.

There will be two types of player housing which is the apartment (studio) and a detached house (open house).

The apartment will be available to all players who have completed the required question from level 21. Players don’t need to pay rent on their apartment which can be entered via an entrance in Elian (Elyos) or Pernon (Asmodians). Players can only customise the inside of their apartment. Players can own only one apartment in a studio per character.

Detached housing comes in four different types which differ in size and furnishing space. The four house types are the house, the mansion, the estate and the palace. There will be a limited amount of each house type available per server and faction. Houses are auctioned off at a set time and players must pay a monthly rent of in-game currency after they buy their house. Players can customise both the inside and outside of their house. Players can plant plants like hearthbloom and guestbloom outside their house to receive buffs or items. For inside the house players can purchase, craft or even pick up furniture from mobs to decorate their house. Finally players will be able to visit other player’s houses via a special orb.

In addition to the new housing in Aion a new crafting skill will be added called furniture crafting. The name says it all really this new skill will allow players to make new furnishings for their house. Unfortunately Gameforge has not released new info on this new crafting skill yet.

Update 3.0 is scheduled to hit the European version of Aion sometime this summer.

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