Diablo III Review

On May 28, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Diablo III review

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Hack ‘n’ slash

Rating: 16+

Platforms: PC and Mac

Release date: Out now

After 12 years of waiting Diablo III has finally arrived on PC. Now let’s see if Diablo III rises above the clouds or falls into the depths of hell.

Diablo III is a top down hack ‘n’ slash game from Blizzard. Diablo III comes 12 years after the highly successful Diablo II. The game continues with the great gameplay of the previous game with some changes Blizzard have decided to make to the game.

One of the most startling features is that you have to be online to play the game in single player and in co-op mode. This online DRM has left many players a bit annoyed at launch as the games login servers couldn’t handle the strain of higher than anticipated numbers of people logging on launch day and for a few days after, this incident fuelled people to question why the game needed you to login to play the single player portion but Blizzard felt it was necessary so it could cut down on the amount of cheaters in the game.

One of the errors that plagued players at launch

Now let’s have a look at the game.

The story begins with you visiting New Tristiam in search of a fallen star. At New Tristiam you befriend Leah who you help save her Uncle Deckard Cain, in the process you begin to learn what is going on in the area and also find the truth about the fallen star which turns out to be a fallen angel. The angel implores you and the rest to try and defeat the two remain demon lords which roam the earth. After agreeing you set out on an epic journey where you see betrayal, lies, a keep under siege from demons and more.

When the game begins you have a choice of five heroes which are Monk, Witch doctor, Barbarian, Wizard and Demon Hunter all heroes have both male and female versions of each other. Not one hero plays the same and is this mainly down to the time of resource they use for example the Wizard uses mana which starts full and drains as you use powerful magic and the monk uses spirit which starts at zero and slowly increases when you attack and kill enemies. Also each hero has their own unique weapon and armour which only they can use.

When you play the game in single player you are joined by one of three followers which help you defeat the many forces of darkness in your journey. Each follower can help you in various ways in combat with the templar tanking a lot of the enemies which takes away the need to contently look at your health. The other two followers offer more a dps form of help, but I personally didn’t need to use them as I felt the templar was the best follower to use. Followers also have skills which are unlocked as they level and when they reach a level where they can unlock as skill you have to pick one of two skills for them to learn.

If playing on your own with a follower isn’t your thing then you can play with friends in up to four player co-op in the games campaign. Co-op in Diablo III is very smooth as players who are on your friends list can click on your name and jump straight into your game, but there is one issue and that is the player joining is not teleported to your location, they are placed in the location they were when the last played, but never fear as you can teleport to your local waypoint and use Diablo III’s banner system which allows you to teleport to your friend and work together to defeat the evil that walks the earth.

Co-op isn’t limited to playing with just those on your friends list because you have the ability to open your game up to the public and this allows anyone to join your game via a list on the start screen.

During the game you will come across events while you are performing quests. Events allow you to help NPCs in the game for example defending workers who are trying to raise a catapult. Events like quests reward you with experience and gold.

An event which saw you defend a catapult from demons

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