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Diablo III launch hit by server errors

On May 15, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Diablo III officially launched at midnight last night and about 20 hours later some people have yet to play the game due to several server errors.

Two of the main errors are Error 37 and Error 75. Both errors are related to the battle.net server, with Error 37 meaning the servers are busy and Error 75 which means there is a temporary server outage.

Unsurprisingly the issue hasn’t exactly left Diablo III players happy with Blizzard. Metacritic which is used to give the overall score of a game from both games critics and users has seen Diablo III get a 3.7/10 from angry users. One user called t0adphr0g vented his frustration on the Diablo III metacritic page by saying “Way to kill the franchise, Blizzard! Diablo 3 NEVER needed to be online only. It was a single player experience, with LAN play optional. Diablo 3 is online so that players can buy items with real money, and game together with friends all over the world.. and stop piracy.. errm.. Hey Blizzard, making this game run on your servers exclusively, may block “piracy” but will also block fans of the series, and make this into the worst reviewed game since “Big Rigs”.”

What has annoyed people the most is the fact that Diablo III is primarily a single player game, but Blizzard decided to impose a type of DRM which was likely decided on because of the Auction House where people can either use real world money or in-game money to buy and sell items they have collected throughout the game.

The login issue has also affected me. Since I installed the game I had only been able to enter the game once and since then I have been unable to login again.

Hopefully Blizzard will fix the issues soon and players will be able to play Diablo III without fear of any more server errors kicking them from the game.

On another note there are other issues with Diablo III away from the server errors. According to Eurogamer one major issue is equipping your templar follower which a shield, doing this causes the game to crash and give players an error 3006 message and prevents them from logging back into the game. Blizzard have said that the templar bug is being looked at and should be fixed soon.

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