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My top 3 games from PS Vita launch event

On February 18, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

On Wednesday I attended the PlayStation Vita launch event in Dublin and I got to try out some of the handheld launch titles. Below are the 3 favourite games I played and why.

Please note the write up about the games below are not full reviews and just my thoughts from play each game for 5-10 minutes. Also please note that the top 3 games were unfinished copies and as such are open to change.

#1 Wipeout 2048


All I can say is Wipeout 2048 pretty much blew me away when I played it.

The graphics were pretty much amazing on the OLED screen (in the low lit event and screen brightness on full it was intense on the eyes).

There were 4 tracks on offer all of which were for normal race mode. 2 of the tracks I raced on were easy to pick up and there was hardly a time when I need to use the brakes, I only needed them when I had boosted into a corner.

The offensive and defensive items were pretty handy, but there is not much to say on them as they are pretty similar to those from older Wipeout games.

The one thing that let me down was the optional control scheme which allowed you to use the back touch pad to accelerate and the six axis controls to move. I gave it a try and I immediately had to turn it back to original control scheme. The back touch pad was ok, but the six axis control was pretty terrible you had to pretty much turn the Vita more than 90 degrees to get into a smooth open corner and for sharp corners it was pretty crazy. Honestly I don’t know why Sony keep pushing six axis controls it is honestly pretty terrible it flopped with the PS3 and I don’t know why they thought it would be better with the Vita.

There is not much you can say about Wipeout 2048 from what limited amount of the game I played it was pretty good and I can only hope that the full game lives up to the expectations that the demo set.

#2 Gravity Rush


It is a game where you can manipulate gravity and has a mysterious cat what more do you want to know?

But in all seriousness the Gravity Rush demo on offer was pretty fun, but had some issues in my opinion.

The gravity manipulating was fun and I enjoyed messing about with it having the main character fall from the side of a building and manipulating gravity to stop her just before she hit the ground (I’m a horrible person I know).

The gravity manipulation did annoy me in one major way and that was aiming be it aiming a kick while floating in the air or trying to land a specific target. The reason why it was difficult for me anyway was that the camera (controlled by the right analog stick) would change direction as you picked up speed to your chosen target and it required you to pretty spot on with your aiming, but I feel this issue might be down to the fact that I had never played a handheld with two analog sticks before so the issue might not be as bad as I thought.

Personally I would have loved to see a lock on mechanic when fighting enemies because as I mentioned above the camera takes some getting used to and trying to fight floating enemies while floating yourself was lesson in patience (wasn’t so bad when it came to ground fights).

#3 Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Uncharted: Golden Abyss at the event kind of felt like the best of the rest in my opinion. The game at times left me confused as to what to, but this was pretty much down to the fact there was no audio and no subtitles so the cutscenes weren’t to helpful.

I have to say the shooting in the game was pretty bad from what I experienced and I wasn’t thrilled by the fact you had to touch the screen to zoom.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss seemed to over use the touch screen with cutting a drape being done by dragging your finger in a certain direction and accessing options and information was done via the touch screen.

Luckily the platform elements didn’t require you to use the touch screen and it was all button controlled.

There really isn’t much to say about Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I had a love hate experience with it and feel if the touch screen elements were less needed the game could have being a lot more enjoyable.

The PlayStation Vita is set to arrive in Europe on February 22 in both 3G and wifi only models.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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