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Final Fantasy XII-2 hitting store shelves this week

On January 31, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

The latest Final Fantasy game by Square Enix Final Fantasy XII-2 has being released in North America and will be out in Europe on Friday. Read on for a look at the announced DLC and the games launch trailer.

Final Fantasy XII-2 will reveal further events from the amazing mythology as presented in the original Final Fantasy XIII. The story is written in a way that can still be enjoyed without knowledge of the previous title.

Square Enix has also announced post launch DLC for the game which includes Coliseum Battles that pit the player against friends and foes from previous Final Fantasy titles, that, when defeated can be recruited into the player’s party. The Coliseum battle entitled ‘Lightning & Amodar’ will be available for Xbox 360 on 7th February via Xbox Live Marketplace and on 8th February for PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network. In addition, there will be opportunity to explore the game’s secrets through story episodes for some of the key characters, such as Lightning which complement the narrative of Final Fantasy XII-2.

Finally Square Enix has also released a launch trailer for the game.

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