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Final Fantasy X on PS3 and Vita is not just a HD remastering

On January 2, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Earlier this year it was revealed that the PS2’s Final Fantasy X would be coming to PS3 and Vita and it was assumed it would be a HD remastering; well apparently that assumption was wrong.

It was revealed by Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase (producer on the original FFX) to German Magazine “M! Games” that FFX would be a remake and not a HD remastering as he told the magazine “the quality of the new edition of the model is just”.

For those wondering the difference between a remake and remastering then look at Halo CE Anniversary. Halo CE Anniversary was a HD remastering which meant the game got a graphics improvement and no changes to the story or mechanics of the original from 2011. Now you know what a remastering I’m guessing you can guess what a remake is. A remake is exactly what it says on the tin; it is taking something old and changing it at a deeper level than a remastering so this could mean anything from story or character change etc.

The most likely change if there is to be any in my opinion would likely be a change of the battle system to something like Final Fantasy XIII’s or XIII-2.

Source: The Gaming Liberty

Author: Aaron Meehan

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3 Responses to “Final Fantasy X on PS3 and Vita is not just a HD remastering”

  • I’d love them to make it prettier and to flesh out the story a bit more, but if they replace the great turn based system with that god awful auto game crap from 13, I can’t see it selling well. As a battle system, it is extremely flawed and takes too much of the experience away from the player.

  • I Agree Michael. Square Enix seem to be going for a more cinematic style of gameplay for Final Fantasy now and hopefully they will realize this. Personally I couldn’t stand FF13 because of the battle system and it turned me off the game even though I am a fan of the series.

  • FFx’s battle system is outdated, I loved the game and the battle system was awesome at the time but it definitly needs some tweaks… Most specifcally I hope they change the fact that the characters need to be in your party and get a round off to get experience…

    That encourages you to prolong the battles instead of ending them quickly which I thought was counter productive.. You should want to end the battles as quickly as possible, if you can kill everything in one turn you should be allowed to and not penalized for it by only allowing the one person in your party who attacked to get the exp..

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