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SWTOR early access begins

On December 13, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Put your lives on hold because one of the most anticipated mmos SWTOR has begun to open its doors with the beginning of early game access for those who pre-ordered from today.

The early access goes from today (December 13th) to December 19th. Early access for Star Wars: The Old Republic is different from many early access times as not everyone who pre-ordered can log in at once, what Bioware and EA are doing is having a rolling early access with Bioware notifying via email when you can begin your journey into the Old Republic.

The rolling access is likely due to EA fearing their servers may not be able to handle to strain of so many people trying to access the game at once and with 2 million plus pre-orders the fear of the servers going down is a real threat, so I guess for EA it is better to be safe than sorry which is a good idea.

Also if you have pre-ordered the game please remember to download the client now even if you haven’t being granted access to the early access the download and install of the client does take some time and you don’t want the excitement of getting to play SWTOR ruining by a long download and install.

For more information on the early access head on over to http://www.swtor.com/news/news-article/20111213.

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