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Modern Warfare 3 gets new modes and match customization

On November 1, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Another new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video was released today the video focuses on the new modes, maps and match customization in the multiplayer.

The new game modes include:

  • Kill confirmed: This is team deathmatch style game, but kills don’t get you points picking up the dead players name tags do. Also you can prevent the other team from picking up a dead allies tag by grabbing it first. You also get to hear Kill confirmed said every time you pick up a dog tag. This mode could prove to be a great mode for people to grind experience, but it could see a lot of stat padding too.
  • Team defender: This a like capture the flag, but instead of bringing the flag to a set location you have to hold onto the flag and the longer you hold it the more points you get and if you hold it for long enough your team wins the game.
  • User generated modes:This could be one of the best new modes out of the 3. This mode allows you to custom tailor your match experience. You can go into any mode and configure the game how you like it. Some of the options include the ability to enable/disable hardcore mode, killstreaks, headshots only, perks and proficiencies, class restrictions etc. You can also post the mode you made onto Call of Duty: Elite to share with friends.

Multiplayer map locations:

  • Downtown New York
  • Streets of Paris
  • London Underground
  • You can experience multiplayer maps that parallel the campaign

The maps will see more verticality and fewer danger spots. This has been done to help maps flow more.

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