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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

On November 20, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Modern Warfare 3 the game dubbed ‘The most anticipated game in history’ by its publisher is now out and it is time to see if the game can live up to the hype.

While some people say it did live up to the hype I would disagree to a degree, sure the game is good, but not to the extent people are saying.
Modern Warfare 3’s production was an interesting one, which started with Infinity Ward’s founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella being fired from their own company by Activision, then to add more fuel to the fire about 26 or so IW staff left the studio too. So as you can see MW3 had a rocky start.

During the production Activision felt it necessary to take Sledgehammer Studios away from their Call of Duty project to help Infinity Ward finish Modern Warfare 3 (it looked like IW just didn’t have the number to do it on their own). So from that point Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer worked together on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Well enough of the history lesson let’s look at the finished product.

Modern Warfare 3 continues were Modern Warfare 2 left off with the Russian Ultranationalist Makarov continuing to try and escalated the war between Russia and USA, but this time the majority of the action takes place in European locations. The campaign for Modern Warfare 3 can be best described as a Michael Bay video game with nonstop fighting and a story line that tries to be coherent but ends up going all over the place.
The campaign sees World War 3 start after a chemical attack by the Russians in various European cities and to make matters worse Makarov has kidnapped the Russian President (who walks away from a plane crash). The game sees you play as 2 different characters Frost from Delta Force and Yuri who is helping Price and Ghost in now disbanded Task Force 141. Delta Force fights in the thick of the war and Yuri is working more in the background with Price and Ghost to try and capture/stop Makarov covertly. 2226MW3_3

As I said the game is set in WW3 so as you might expect you have massive battles, the best being in Hamburg, Germany as you Frost storm the beach Normandy style and try to rescue the Vice president of USA and here you get the scale of the war even though you are in the infantry.
There is nothing more to say on the campaign as it is pretty much one battle after another, also while the ending did finish the Modern Warfare series I did left somewhat disappointed by the final fight, but not as disappointed as the Battlefield 3 ending.

MW3 also offers Special Ops which contains 2 modes which are survival and mission modes for additional single and co-op gameplay. Survival sees you fight against waves of enemies and purchase new weapons, kill streaks and equipment. Missions are additional missions for you to play which includes capturing the president as one of the Ultranationalists etc. Special Ops is a great way to extend the life of the single player side of the game and offers a lot of fun.

Now onto the part people all really care about the multiplayer portion of the game. The Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer has being called Modern Warfare 2.5 by many who say it is just a bunch of new maps with minor upgrades to it, but I wouldn’t agree with that assessment.

MW3 multiplayer has received not a huge overhaul, but enough new additions to render it superior to MW2 multiplayer. One of the striking changes is the change to kill streaks with the addition of strike packages which allow you to customise your kill streak rewards to a greater extent.

There are 3 packages assault, support and specialist all with their own unique set of kill steaks from you to pick from (as usual you can only have 3 selected). Assault gives you access to offensive streaks for example AC-130, Predator missile etc. the streak count don’t persist through death. Support gives you supportive streaks to help your team mates for example UAV, ballistic vests etc. the streak count does persist through death so death isn’t too big of an issue. Finally we have the unique specialist package which offers no kill streaks, but allowing you to use up to 3 additional perks, this is a package is for those who don’t favour kill streaks.

Also new game modes where added for example kill confirmed which is team deathmatch but to score points you have to capture dog tags and team defender which is a flag defence game mode. Along with new game modes the ability to make custom game modes and upload them to Call of Duty Elite (community/stat tracking site for Call of Duty games) for all to play.

Weapons also saw weapon levels which allowed you level your weapon and unlock proficiencies to make the weapon more powerful by reducing recoil and having 2 attachments on the gun. 2224MW3_1

The multiplayer as a whole is still fast paced as ever, but problems/issues still exist within the multiplayer. One major issue for me is that online multiplayer still uses peer to peer as Infinity Ward continue to avoid using dedicated servers and because of this games still suffer from lag, games dropping and host advantages like in Modern Warfare 2, also bullet lag is still there because of this for example firing an entire clip sometimes not all the shots will register as damage. Another issue is with the new maps added, in true IW style they are small and fast paced and well full of camping and the later kind of goes against what the 2 companies said pre-launch as they said “…reduction in danger spots” New Modes & Match Customization Behind the Scenes Video.

In conclusion:

Modern Warfare 3 is a good conclusion to the Modern Warfare series; while the series didn’t have a brilliant story the action was great. The multiplayer is once again the key part of the game with people flocking to the multiplayer. The game also has some good changes and elevates it past MW 2.5 as people call it.

SCORE: 80%

Great game, but some multiplayer issues do detract from the quality of the game.


  • Action packed campaign
  • Special Ops adds some great past campaign solo and co-op content in survival mode and in mission modes.
  • New multiplayer modes i.e. Kill confirmed and team defender


  • Campaign story does seem to be a bit all over the place as IW and Sledgehammer tried to get the full feel of WW3 into the game.
  • MP still uses peer to peer.
  • MP game experience bullet lag with not all hits being registered even after a hit.
  • MP maps where promised to have better flow and feel and a reduction in danger spots all of which I personally did not experience as maps tend to go who has the best camping spot.
Multiplayer Gameplay footage:

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