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New Starcraft 2 multiplayer units and Heart of the Swarm trailer

On October 23, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Well the last big news from Blizzcon is news on the upcoming Starcraft 2 expansion known as Heart of the Swarm which is focused on the Zerg. With the new expansion come new units.

The first new units are for the Zerg which includes:

  • Swarm Host (ground-based siege unit): When burrowed, the swarm host will spawn melee units that slowly move in a stream towards the enemy.
  • Viper (aerial unit): The viper is used to help Zerg players handle choke situations better, it’s attack can pull units closer to it like for example a Colossi.

New Protoss units include:

  • Replicant (tech unit): This unit has the ability to turn itself into any non-massive unit within the Protoss player’s line of sight. So for example if you can see a siege tank you can morph the unit into siege tanks.
  • Tempest (aerial unit): This is a new anti-air unit which can do area of effect attacks so watch out mass Banshee players.
  • Oracle (tech unit): This is a new weapon unit which can use entomb power to stop your enemy from harvesting minerals for a limited amount of time, you can scan enemy buildings to see what they are making and you can also stun enemy unit production.

New Terran units include:

  • Warhound (tech unit): Think of this unit as a mini thor and you know what you are getting into. The unit has anti-air AOE and is good against anti-mech ground weapons.
  • Shredder (tech unit): This little unit can create high powered area effect field of radiation which can easily take down groups of smaller units.
  • Hellion battle mode (tech unit): This is a new ability for hellions which can tutn them into mechs. This mode will give them more HP and do more damage. This mode makes Hellions the perfect base defense units.

With new units there are changes to existing units:

  • Ultralisk (Zerg): While not a new unit the Ultralisk will get a new ability called Burrow Assault. This will allow the unit to go under units advancing units and pop up and attack.
  • Thor (Terran): Only one can be used at a time. Moved to late game, more HP and damage added.
  • Nexus (Protoss): 2 new abilities have been added. Mass recall which allows units to return quickly and the second allows you give any structure additional shield and armour for a limited time.
  • Battlecruiser (Terran): new cooldown ability which will allow you to give the unit a speed boost.
  • Corruptors (Zerg): This unit will gain a new ability called siphon which is damage over time attack on structures and in return the Zerg player gains minerals.

Finally here is the preview trailer for the new expansion which let’s know what is happening. Spoiler alert for those who have yet to finish Starcraft 2: wings of Liberty.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will only be on PC and Mac. At present there is no release date for the expansion.

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Author: Aaron Meehan

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  • Why is the title “Heart of the WARM”?
    I think you mean “SWARM”, not? :D

  • Thanks for that replicator, I completely missed it. I have been a tad busy trying to get some reviews done and other work.

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