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Flythrough Fyrmount in the latest TERA video

On October 19, 2011 by Ash Meehan

Frogster has released the latest video for the upcoming mmo TERA which is a flythrough of the Fyrmount area.

The area Fyrmount is hellish volcanic landscape that offer close ties to the Castanic race in the game.

In Castanic society young male and female are sent deep in Fyrmount to complete tasks which will see them recognized as an adult among their peers.

The Castanic quest is purposefully vague and so many return with precious ore, but only the bravest and boldest go in search for greater treasure within the many abandoned mines of the area.

While on the quest Castanic male and females but wary as demons occupy Fyrmount and hold grudges against the Castanics, so you must prepare for battle.

Check out the Fyrmount flythrough below.

TERA is due out Spring 2012 and will only be on PC.

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