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End of Nations gets a CG trailer

On October 27, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Trion Worlds aren’t just content with having one successful MMO; they are pushing their upcoming MMORTS title End of Nations (EON) by Petroglyph with an all new CG trailer.

The trailer shows in snippets how the world went through an economic collapse (scarily close to what we have or had depending on who you ask), to anarchy and a group called Order of Nations restoring peace, but with people been taken etc. people are beginning to rise up to the Order of Nations to try and defeat them.

There has yet to be a true breakaway MMORTS but critics seem to think EON could be the game to do it with persistent RTS battles.

Check out the CG trailer below.

End of Nations is due out sometime in 2012 on PC.

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