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Global Agenda expansion now out

On September 22, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Yesterday, Hi-Rez Studios has released their free expansion known as “Recursive Colony” for the free to play MMO Global Agenda.

The expansion is centered on an electronic, hive-mind faction of robots constructing robots and intruding upon Dome City which is the player social area.

The expansion includes a new zone, new mission instances, new enemies and the escalated conflict between man and machines.

Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO said “we’re excited to be in a position where we can add such a significant content expansion and make it available for free to the entire community. Many players have asked for a quest-driven, narrative experience beyond level 20 as an alternative to the instanced PvE and PvP missions. Our dev team listened, and today delivers in a huge way with this new open zone!”

The expansion also comes with a new trailer which can be see below.

The expansion includes:

  • New Open Zone with several instanced missions, quest chains, mid-high level content, and social spaces
  • New enemies – including world bosses and instanced mission bosses
  • Daily Repeatable Quests – for solo agents and teams. Some quests take place in zones, while others send teams into Recursive Colony hive nodes and ruins. These quests include new 4-man defense Raid missions – now available to smaller groups (1-4) at lower levels (20+)
  • New Dyes, Flair, and Trails – rewards for winning missions, completing daily quests, rare bot drops and achievements
  • New Pets – new pets available as rewards and crafted items.
  • New Blueprints – for consumables and mods
  • Easier crafting – components now within the zone, to help with leveling crafting skills
  • New PvP Map – Push Dust will be entering the Merc queue from Beta
  • New PvP Acquisition/CTR Map – Colony Caverns will be entering the Beta Queue
  • Revamped Intro Missions – Tutorials now include class-specific elements to help train new players
  • Some quests now affect the state of the world (example – Brownouts in Dome City…)
  • Ability to transfer between different Open Zone instances (and VR Arena)
  • Open Zone cross-instance chat channels
  • Disconnect to Character Select Screen without re-login
  • Improved Vendor Item Previewing

If you are interested in playing Global Agenda you can play for free by heading over to http://www.globalagendagame.com/.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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