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SWTOR will launch in waves

On August 20, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

EA today confirmed to the website Gamasutra that Bioware’s upcoming MMO “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will have a limited launch.

This means that only so many digital and physical copies of the game will be sold so that SWTOR doesn’t suffer any traffic related launch issues. Launch issues have plagued a lot of MMOs in the past from Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft to name but a few so EA and Bioware are taking the necessary precautions in their eyes.
Game Informer were told that EA will shut down the ability to download the game at launch when they have reached their chosen limit and wouldn’t be reactivated until EA felt it was fine to increase capacity.

There is no word on what the limit is but people who have gotten pre-orders shouldn’t worry as they will get priority access over regular purchasers.

Personally I am interested in SW:TOR but I am not willing to commit to a pre-order yet and I don’t like the idea that if I don’t pre-order I can’t play the game when it comes out. It is a wise move by EA but it may just put off some potential purchasers.

Source: Gamasutra 

Author: Aaron Meehan

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4 Responses to “SWTOR will launch in waves”

  • Well put it this way. I pre-ordered the game. If I can’t play I will be totally miffed. On top of that I’m not impressed with the American Football video feature.

  • Its basically this : EA will stop all pre-orders at some stage. Anyone buying/ordering after such a date won’t be able to get on launch day -or- the “head start” bit either.

    Thats how I am reading it anyways. I would imagine the EU servers will get hit harder than the US for this, too many countries etc.

  • What i’m finding really hard to understand is that if this is their stance, why is it limited to the US and EU. I’m in australia and a current wow player, i play on an american server with friends who will all be playing this game before i do, this in itself doesnt sit right with me and many other’s i know of, basic facts are if you want to compete with the giant limiting availability to basically an entire 100 strong wow guild is a very bad way to go about being competative, a better way would have been to accept the guilds early and alloted them server realms and allow access to everyone in that guild….. basically at this point i am miffed, miffed has happened, I already pay 3 times the amount for games because publishers feel our economy is stronger, now i have to wait for who know’s how long for them to decide we can play.

  • The reason I see why they are doing it is because 1)They want a stream line release as possible and 2)The know people are really hyped about it and they know they can get away with it because in eyes of fans SWTOR and Bioware can do no wrong.
    I like SWTOR mainly because when I played it I had fun and I don’t like the idea that I should be forced into pre-ordering a game if I want to play it in the first week or however long the reduced launch will go on for.

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