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Sanctum and its OST get a price drop

On August 22, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The tower defence/shooter indie game “Sanctum” which is developed by Coffee Stain Studios has now gotten a price drop which also includes the games soundtrack.

Sanctum started out as an unreal tournament 3 mod for a school project, the game was placed fourth in the “best FPS” and the “Educational” categories of the $1 million Intel Make Something Unreal contest. The studio then moved to the UDK and licensed the game for the Unreal Engine 3.

Sanctum was released in April of this year and has sold 180,000 copies digitally.
Check out the new price below.
Sanctum will now cost people $9.99 and people can also buy the original soundtrack for $4.99 on Steam or via Bandcamp as “Pay What You Want” price model.

To keep up to date with all Sanctum news check out their Facebook page.

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