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PlayStation Gamescom press conference wrap up

On August 17, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Well the PlayStation press conference has finished. In comparison to the EA press conference it was rather poor. The presenter for most of the conference made terrible jobs and made pointless comments and Diversity made an appearance for no reason what so ever.

The conference saw Vita news, PS3 game news, a new PSP revealed for Europe, PS3 price drop and more.
The first thing that was shown off was news on the new handheld the PlayStation Vita. The first part of the news was on some of the social features that can be used in the game.

Vita’s social features include:

  • Near: Which allows you to play and connect with people in your physical vicinity.
  • Party, LiveArea, Facebook, Twitter and Skype will be social features on the Vita.
  • People can buy Vita games via the PlayStation Store and Vita games will have trophies.

After showing off some of the features and still saying the price is €249 of Wifi version and €299 for 3G/Wifi version they moved onto some first party games.

Resistance: Burning Skies

Resistance: Burning Skies takes place before the events of Resistance 2 and your character is an ex fireman. We see new and old chimeran weapons make an appearance like the chain gun.

There were parts I did not like about what was shown. The idea of having virtual buttons is a big turn off for me, I don’t know why but it seems to me it would get in the way of the action especially since the alt fire on weapons requires you to touch the screen. I noticed also that there seemed to be a FPS drop off when there were about 4 or 5 + enemies on screen shooting at once but that could just be because it is still in development.

Some other parts I feel neither good nor bad about include the cover system. It works by when you crouch near chest high walls you got into cover automatically. You can shoot from cover 2 ways, 1 way is by aiming down sights and the other way is by using the 6axis which involves tilting the Vita.

Little Big Planet for Vita

Not much to say on this apart from the great idea of using the Vita’s camera to capture real life objects and use them in game to create some amazing levels. A trailer was shown off what you could end up making and apparently dinosaurs can be appeased by giant lollipops (who knew).

Reality Fighters
Ok this idea sounds kind of cool, but wow Sony really did manage to mess up the presentation of it. “Reality fighters” is a fighting game that uses augmented reality. You can make your own characters by taking pictures of people and your playing field is what you have in front of you so say like a kitchen table etc.

As you can see brilliant idea, but how did Sony mess it up? Well it is how they went about showing the demo match. It involved getting a guy to be a fake fight announcer/commentary and it came off horribly. I felt bad for the announcer because he got not a single clap for the audience.

Escape Plan

Now this game was just revealed and personally out of all the first party games this one looked by far the best. The aim of Escape Plan is to escape as one of 2 ink characters Laarg and Lil. The Video that showed of the gameplay really showed some dry humour that I personally enjoyed watching and apparently the audience agreed because it was the only first party game to get a big round of applause.

After that some 3rd party vita games were talked about, it was revealed that Ubisoft would be making 6 launch titles for the Vita which includes Assassin’s Creed, Rayman Origins, Lumines, Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Michael Jackson the Experience.

Also a quick picture was put up of other titles that will appear including FIFA which launches early 2012, DUST 514, Bioshock and Call of Duty.

That was really all the main Vita news for the show.

Continue on for information on a new PSP, new PS3 price and PS3 game news.

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