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End of Nations to be a free to play game

On August 12, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Trion Worlds have announced that their upcoming MMORTS “End of Nations” will be a free to play game with a premium option.
Dave Luehmann, the Executive Producer of End of Nations said:

“Being able to offer a premium game such as End of Nations for free sets us apart in this industry. At Trion, we strive to innovate online gaming while emphasizing the delivery of the best core gameplay experience available. Our decision to release End of Nations as a AAA free–to-play title is guided by these principles.”

While End of Nations is free to play, there is a premium option which comes in the form of 2 types of collector’s editions, one for retail and one for digital. Players who wish to can play a monthly fee which will see them receive extra valve and convenience, but those who decide to go the free to play route don’t worry as Trion Worlds has stated that you will be able to play the game end to end for free with no time limit.

End of Nations will allow up to 50 players to fight in matches to conquer areas as you try to conquer the World for your faction, along with online play you can also play a solo campaign.

End of Nations is being developed by Petroglyph Games who are the developers who made the break out original “Command & Conquer”, so expectations are high for them to deliver another great RTS but this time on a wider scale.

Also as Gamescom approaches Trion Worlds released an End of Nations Gamescom trailer.

For more information check out http://www.endofnations.com/.

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