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Dynasty Warriors 7 stand alone expansion announced

On August 16, 2011 by Aaron Meehan
Wang Yi Battle4

Last week Tecmo Koei announced a stand-alone expansion for Dynasty Warriors 7. The expansion is called Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and it will release 18 November 2011 for PS3.

The expansion pack will see numerous enhancements like a new Legend mode, challenge mode and Japanese voice over and more. Look below for a detailed look at the enhancements and some screenshots.
The enhancements in the expansion are:

  • New Characters join the Battle: Brand new characters Guo Jia & Wang Yi as well as returning hero Pang De bolster the ranks of the Wei kingdom.
  • Secret Weapons: New ultra-powerful versions of DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 weapons can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in the game. New weapon types are added to your armory and weapons such as the Dragon Spear, Sai, Battling Stick and Scimitar will further increase the variety of ways players can decimate opposing armies.
  • The new “Legend Mode”: Newly implemented “Legend Mode” allow players to tackle battles from both the past Dynasty Warriors series and brand new scenarios with all their favorite characters. In addition, players are able to make their castle town prosper and also employ a lieutenant from their favourite military commander. The lieutenant affects how the castle-town flourishes in many different ways.
  • Challenge mode: The Challenge Mode allows players to tackle various missions that allow them to fight for world-wide rankings. This mode is backed up with online leader boards which allow players to fight for the world no. 1 spot in the Dynasty Warriors universe!
  • Mixjoy: With this game, by reading in the original Dynasty Warriors 7 disc, the player will be able to experience a powered-up version of the original Dynasty Warriors 7 Story mode and Conquest mode.
  • Japanese Voice-Over: DYNASTY WARRIORS 7: Xtreme Legends will feature a Japanese voice-over option.

Also here are the new screenshots which depict the new characters in the expansion pack.

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