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Carbine and NCSoft announce new MMO

On August 17, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

At Gamecom NCSoft and Carbine Studios lifted the lid on their new MMORPG called WildStar.

WildStar will be a future fantasy MMORPG which will feature an iconic visual style and a new way of making MMO content.
WildStar is set on Nexus, home planet of a race called the Eldan. They were the most powerful beings in the known galaxy – dominating through their advanced magic and technology. Dominating, that is, until they suddenly disappeared.

Races from all corners of the galaxy are rushing to the Eldan homeworld to stake their claim and uncover the mysteries that shroud the planet.

WildStar features 4 different play styles which include Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists and Settlers.

  • Explorers are rewarded for climbing high mountains and revealing hidden caverns.
  • Soldiers earn rank and glory by conquering hordes of enemies.
  • Scientists collect the darkest secrets of the planet to unearth the story behind the Eidan disappearance.
  • Settlers build a new life on an extraordinary world.

Here are some of WildStar’s main features.

  • Immersive World, Extraordinary Style: Discover a world deeply layered with mystery and challenges – a world brought to life with unforgettable and unique visuals.
  • Player Paths: Decide not only who your character is, but also why he or she is coming to Nexus. Going beyond the choices of character race and class, your path defines your character’s motivation – and unlocks unique content catered to your preferred playstyle.
  • Momentum Mechanics: Our world of high adventure and daring action is brought to life through Momentum Mechanics which immerses players in a world stacked with content, challenges and rewards. Players do not simply quest or fight a monster – they stake their claim on the world in a manner of their choosing and are rewarded for making bold advances towards packs of enemies. Storylines, mini-challenges, surprise events and a reactive world all layer on top of each other to create an immersive experience that rewards players for playing the way they want to play.
  • Epic Mystery: WildStar’s grand story continues past the level cap, with elder game content that captures the best elements of the greatest RPGs. Players embark on an epic tale with memorable characters and gripping conflicts whose story continues episodically into the future.

To go along with the announcement Carbine and NCSoft released an announcement trailer and several screenshots.

For more information on the game and to sign up for the games beta go to http://www.wildstar-online.com/.

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