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Valve overhaul Steam content system

On July 18, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

As of July 15 Valve have made some changes to the way download content on their Steam store in the way of a new content system. The change will allow you to download content by using an all-new server and client code. These changes will hopefully improve the download speed people receive.
The new system will increase the maximum aggregate bandwidth which should help when there are download spikes when big releases occur. Also the new system will send content via HTTP which is more firewall friendly then the old system and it will take advantage of web-cached proxies installed at ISPs automatically.

Also the new content system improve the bandwidth picture which requires users to download less data. The new system also makes game updates easier, as some people are aware some game updates require you do download the game again but now the new system supports delivering only the differences between the old and new files.

The new content system will also see many features that Steam users have requested. New client releases will include download scheduling, bandwidth throttling and prioritizing which game can be downloaded first.

While the new system not all features mentioned above have being fully implemented and will be over time along with hopefully more.

Source: Steam

Author: Aaron Meehan

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