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Rugby World Cup 2011 gets a demo date

On July 20, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The upcoming Official Rugby World Cup 2011 video game by HB Studios and published by 505 Games has a demo coming soon. The demo will be a chance for Rugby fans to try out the game before the release of the full game.
The demo will feature one match which is locked to England V South Africa and will be played in Auckland. The demo will be available for play from early August with the games release coming August 26.

In the full game you can play as all 20 nations that are taking part in this years world cup and guide them to success, but away from the solo play you can play with 3 other players in local multiplayer matches. You can also move away from local play and try your hand at playing online matches over Xbox Live or the PSN.

Rugby World Cup 2011 demo will be on both Xbox 360 (2 August) and PlayStation 3(3 August).

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