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Hail to the DLC baby

On July 27, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The first DLC for Duke Nukem Forever has being announced by Gearbox and 2K games. The DLC will be known as “Hail to the Icons Parody Pack”. The DLC will feature 3 new game modes and 4 new multiplayer maps and each new map will come with a new weapon.
Now you may be asking why it is called the Parody pack, well it is because the maps are a parody of some of the biggest FPS games that were released during Duke Nukem Forever’s almost eternal feeling development. 2 of the most notable games it parody’s is Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2. Now on with the with the DLC details.

3 new modes

  • Freeze Tag – Players cooperate to freeze and shatter their opponents in succession for huge point streaks and combos.
  • Hail to the King – Free for all Duke style.
  • Hot Potato – Try to hold on to the babe the longest to win.

4 new maps

  • Call of Duke – Duke engages in modern combat in a war-torn city. Foes don’t stand a chance against the Duke when he spams the map with the N00b T00b.
  • Sandbox– Players take the role of mini-Duke in a giant sandbox with two bases at either end made out of children’s toys. This map features Sticky Bombs.
  • Inferno – Time machine engage! Duke does combat in a hellish landscape of lava and teleporters. Who turned on the 16-bit graphics, and more importantly, where did this DFG come from?
  • 2Forts1Bridge – Hats? Duke doesn’t need no stinking hats. Give him a minigun and he’ll beat off all comers.

Here are 2 screenshots for the DLC:

The “Hail to the Icons Parody Pack” will be out this Fall on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No price has being released for the pack, but if you are a member of the First Access club you will get the DLC for free.

Source: 2K Games Blog

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