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Cooking Mama gets 2 new games

On July 13, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Cooking Mama the cooking game that is proving popular gets 2 new games. The first is Cooking Mama 4 for the Nintendo 3DS and the second is called Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures for the Nintendo 3DS.

 Cooking Mama 4 will be similar to past Cooking Mama games were you must try out your cooking skills and make better and better culinary masterpieces. This latest version will see new additions to the game in the form of hundreds of new dishes for you to master and the ability yo combines dishes to make a brand new dish, if you do these new dishes right you can unlock new recipes and mingames. There is also a chopping game where you can test your skills at chopping with 4 friends or try to beat the challenge mode.

Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures is the second new Cooking Mama game coming out and this one takes you out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors. The game will offer hundred of minigames, 38 stages and treasures and secrets to uncover along the way. The game will be on an island which is split into 5 areas where you will face various challenges which are:

  • Cooking – cutting and peeling fruit, grilling fish and clams on the barbeque.
  • Making – create a spider catcher, craft a net or build a bonfire.
  • Action – catch fish, cut down trees and pick flowers.
  • Answer – identify jungle objects and creatures.

You will also be able to decorate your base camp with treasure you find on the island.

Also here is a collection of screenshots from Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures.

Both Cooking Mama games will be out in Winter 2011.

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