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This is not a Saints place to be. Saint’s Row – The Third.

On June 16, 2011 by Aszrayel

Yes, THQ were nice enough to give us priority access to there show booths for Saint’s Row – The Third, Metro: Last Light, and a quick interview of War hammer 40k, Space Marine (Thank you Suzanne). But I’ll stick with Saint’s Row for this article.

The exterior of E3 had a massive poster on the side of the LACC, also across the road, a free car wash was offered to passing drivers where around 20 models in purple bikinis would wash your car for free, dukes of hazard style i.e. Daisy Duke. So they were going for the hot young blood. Well it caught my attention, but at my age I would have had a heart attack if I had turned up in a car and had my car washed.

Now to the game. Saint’s Row – The third.

We got ushered into the closed booth to watch a game play demo. Warned not to film etc. Then the presentation started. Saint’s Row – The Third, is basically a Grand Theft Auto on steroids. But a number of things make it stand out from the crowed. I have a juvenile sense of humor for one.

The first part of the demo was in the open sandbox mode. You can do anything. You can wander around a massive playing arena killing people at will, everyone loves the saints in the city. A few things were demonstrated here. The first was the number of moves you can pull to attack random people in the city. You can use wrestle mania type moves, land on your side, with your arm holding your head smiling like heck. There were so many take down moves I cannot remember. There are multiple weapons. You can gun down people at random. Produce a bright purple dildo and bludgeon people to death, put on massive fists and explode NPC’s heads.

You can also steal cars, you have moves where you can break the drivers window, slide in like the Dukes of Hazard, it’s all fun. You can run into a fancy costume store and set your avatar to wear what you want. Cowboy costumes, astronaut etc. You can also play the game in the buff, with a slider allowing you to customize your lower and upper extremetise.

In the sandbox mode we saw the protagonist driving a tank blowing the crap out of people, earning money for the destruction, squashing cars. This was followed by hijacking funky cars. One of which had a Hoover cannon, that sucked NPC’s up, then allowed you to fire them back out with massive squishing effects. A lot of fun. Next was finding other gangsters on your patch. You are out numbered, so the simple thing to do is call an air strike. Point your laser pointing device and a few seconds later boom, they are blown to smithereens. Were were then treated to the site of the VTOL fighter. You jump in and can fly around this massive city, fire missiles etc. The amount of space the sand box mode allows is incredible.

The next part of the demo was mission mode. A very strange way of robbing a bank. This is where the comedy of the game kicks in. The interaction between the player and the NPC’s is funny as hell. The basis is that the bank is being robbed by one of your gangster friends. He robs the bank dressed as himself, along with the other members of the gang that dress up like him.

This is where it gets a bit scripted, shooting NPC’s etc. But as mentioned the comedy value is something to be seen. Especially when the bank clerks turn out to be rival gang members (old people that are not afraid of gangsters), the robbery goes wrong, you have to blow the roof, call in a helicopter to lift the safe out and fight your way through hoards of police helicopters whilst hanging onto the safe in the air.

Overall. I came out of this game presentation with a massive smile on my face. For any fan of GTA. Saint’s Row – The Third will thrill and entertain you.

Author: Aszrayel

Retired programmer, due to health issues. But I cooked code for over 21 years just about. Command leader of SGUK-1. Fun bunch of people that like to play and are passionate about Stargate and any games out there.

Unfortunately the Stargate games came to an end. So now I research video games and advise on things.

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