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Modern Warfare 3 not breaking the mold

On June 9, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Today on Day 2 of E3 I got a chance to go to a media only demo video of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

The demo video showed of 2 levels. The first is based in New York’s Brooken River where you play as a scuba diver trying to sabotage a Russian Submarine with your team. The mission opens with you going through a tunnel into the river and you use a type of mini sub to get you to the submarine and in the process you have to dodge mines. Fast forward to after you attach the bomb to force the sub to surface your character and the team surfaces and goes to board the sub, as this is going on you are treated to an all out warfare going on in the background with explosions, aircraft etc. everywhere. Flash forward passed your standard shooting down narrow corridors in a way that reminded me of Modern warfare’s SAS ship mission, you do a slow mo breach (yes that annoying slow motions play is back)on the bridge kill everyone and take the missiles and force them to launch and explode safely. But you are still not done you are trusted onto a speed boat where you have to control and shooter (reminds me of Modern Warfare 2), at this point you see the full extent of the sea invasion with ships exploding, destroyed carriers and missiles etc. you also get ripples in the water from the ships (as you have seen in the MW3 game play trailer). As you drive and shoot up enemies you then drive up and into a transport helicopter which is crazily low and the level is finished.

The second level was based in rainy old London. Your job is to try and capture a weapon that is being readied and you and your team is tasked with capturing it. As with Modern Warfare the British level is pretty slow moving as you slowing clear alley ways of enemies and the good old friend Mr. breach comes in but leaves Mrs. slow mo at home (thank god, we had enough of the breach to slow mo in MW2). When you breach the house you get to see some immersion where you see a football match being played on TV, now with the house and alley ways cleared you jump down and with your team assault the enemies protecting the truck, after beating a few waves of enemies you open the truck and low and behold the truck is empty (who didn’t see that coming).You then have to continue moving on and fight another wave of enemies and after you beat a good few of them they retreat into the London underground and take over an underground train and your team take 2 vehicles and follow them in. So now the rail shooting begins as you are tasked with shooting at the train, at one point in the chase the train goes past a boarding platform and you see the people stand there screaming (I guess running away is to old fashioned). So in the chase an ally shouts take out the driver and you see the other alley vehicle drive into the front side of the train and that leads the train to go out of control crashing through pillars and somehow you are unharmed in the back of the truck.

That was the brief look we got at MW3.

My pros and cons are:


  • Graphics look absolutely amazing
  • London level seems to have hit the nail on the head on what London is like (lots of rain)


  • The same missions from MW1 and MW2 just different settings.
  • Shoot outs seem repetitive and boring.

If you are not a fan of the series then I would recommend a pass, but it was only a brief 30 minute or so demo video so maybe the France and Germany areas and other America and England levels could be better.

Impression percentage: 70%

Author: Aaron Meehan

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