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Hellgate Global enters open beta

On June 30, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The gates of hell have being flung wide open yet again as Hellgate makes its return to the mmo world with Hellgate Global open beta starting today. The open beta will see 2 new additions which are Duel arena and Cow Room.

Duel Area: allows players to participate in a player-vs.-player mode. Players may opt to modify game settings and other battle rules while choosing from four possible areas: Abandoned Passage, Black Wall Way, Forgotten Grave, and Passage of Hallucination. In the Duel Area, players enter Death Match mode and must kill members of the opposing team. To aid combatants in the frenzy, Recovery Crystals are available near each team’s base, allowing players to recover HP, MP and shields. The winning team will get PvP points, which may be used to purchase accessories, pets and other items in-game. PvP updates will be posted on Hellgate’s website, where weekly top ten players will be rewarded.

Cow Room: Will be crawling with a team of zombies – normal zombies and mummified. While the zombies may appear weak, players must remain vigilant and slay the Cow Room boss and his zombie cronies, all while avoiding a vision-reducing Sandstorm. But in order to enter the Cow Room, players first need to complete a special recipe to create a key. Players that can handle the madness have a chance to gain the newest and rarest Hellgate item drops.

The open beta will offer more but that is just the main additions to the open beta.

If you wish to take part head on over to the Hellgate Global website

UPDATE: The open beta begins at 7:30pm Eastern Time.

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