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E3 Rift Interview

On June 11, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

During this years E3 we got a chance to talk to Russ Brown (RB), Vice President of Development at Trion Worlds.

SGGI: What can we expect to see in the future for Rift?

RB: So for 1.3 we are doing hammer now which is another raid, guild banks, free character transfers and one of the things for 1… the future (he almost let slip the patch number for this little thing) is that we are doing a mod system so that characters can mod themselves so like UI mods, game mods etc. New type of pvp coming, open world pvp.

SGGI: So PVP is now moving away from Battlegrounds.

RB: It will be upcoming (in relation to Open World PVP)but right now we are trying to perfect that.

RB: A new zone will be coming out some time in the future.

SGGI: On relation to character transfers what will be the fee?

RB: Zero.

SGGI: What will be the restrictions for it?

RB: You can transfer that character once a week.

SGGI: So this is something you are doing to beat Blizzard, since Blizzard are charging for this feature?

RB: Exactly. The thing is there is no real reason to charge for it, it is easy to do (queue laughter from Russ after the easy to do part).

SGGI: So all you have to do is make sure that server works properly (character transfer server)?

RB: Exactly. You just have to make sure the character gets transfered to the right database, its done, its not that tough and so we are going to do it.

SGGI: So your doing it for free and (in relation to Blizzard)so why are they charging them?

RB: Well and we want people to play with their friends and one of the core things is, you start playing and you meet a friend at a bar oh yeah I play too what server you on I’m on this and oh darn, its pretty unpleasant.

SGGI: So you are really focusing on the community at the moment?

RB: Exactly, let them play let people play have fun.

SGGI: That’s the main part of an mmo and apparently Blizzard are forgetting that.

RB: Exactly, and what gets people to stay on an mmo is that they are playing with their friends.So let them play with their friends don’t worry about it. Don’t try and make more Money.

Thank you to Russ Brown for taking time out from crushing enemies at the Trion Worlds booth to come talk to us.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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