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Duke Nukem Forever. Negative Press, My opinion!

On June 16, 2011 by Aszrayel

I grew up in my 20’s with Duke Nukem 3D. I loved the game. I completed it on hard using a joystick back in 1998. The first time I went to E3 in 2000. I saw the trailer for Duke Nukem Forever in the GOD area at E3. I loved it. And yes we have waited 13/14 years for a sequel. There are ton’s of negative press over this game. But I stand against the negativity! I absolutely love this game.

Yes the humor is puerile, immature etc, but thats what I wanted as a fan. It made me smile and laugh out loud. The game play is standard, fun. The GFX and music are little dated, but thats not why I love this game. It’s just plain fun. It’s an icon of what should have been years back. I cannot get my head around the critics that have had a go at this game. Yes 5 different developments studios, to me it is a great game, lots of fun to play.

I love the quips that the Duke makes, the game-play (yes i am a PC gamer), not a console kiddie. The people that probably wrote the bad reviews of the game are more likely to be younger than me and not have a clue about the history of the game.

So I’d like to make this statement. Duke Nukem Forever rocks and anyone that says they do not like it will feel my finger!

Hail to the king.

Author: Aszrayel

Retired programmer, due to health issues. But I cooked code for over 21 years just about. Command leader of SGUK-1. Fun bunch of people that like to play and are passionate about Stargate and any games out there.

Unfortunately the Stargate games came to an end. So now I research video games and advise on things.

2 Responses to “Duke Nukem Forever. Negative Press, My opinion!”

  • Asz I agree with you, this is exactly what I was expecting, although I thin they made an error at requiring on-line for multiplayer.
    Some of my best fun in DN3D was playing against my brother over an old coaxial network. :D
    Still great game.

  • I agree with you megecu. It’s just the way games are made these days, they must be online. I read the back of the box, it says one time Internet connection to play. But obviously thats not the case. I played the multi player at E3. Lots of fun. I even got a beer cooler for my effort LOL.

    So yes everyone out there. Stop bashing DNF. It’s a fun game, puerile humor . Heck thats what the Duke is, all hail to the king.

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