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Dead Island Pre-order Edition revealed

On June 3, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Today Deep Silver revealed the pre-order edition for their upcoming zombie action game called Dead Island.

Pre-order Edition: This will include the game and in addition offer the “Bloodbath” Arena DLC. New challenges in four different arenas await players in this single and multiplayer gameplay DLC! It´s pure fight for survival when waves after waves of deadly zombie attack, one more gruesome than the next! In the Bloodbath DLC characters can loot experience points and items and bring them over to the campaign. To show off their skills in zombie fighting they can use the newly implemented Leaderboards. A new exclusive weapon, the brain wave bomb, tops this DLC package off.

If you choose not to pre-order the game and still want the DLC, the DLC will be available on launch day and will have a worth of $/€ 10.

So my advice is if you are really into Dead Island and you like free DLC then go pre-order the game.

Dead Island will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime in 2011.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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