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Universe Sandbox review

On May 18, 2011 by Ash Meehan

I have never like educational games because well they are boring and offer very little interest, but Universe Sandbox has completely changed my opinion on educational games been boring.

Universe Sandbox is well just what the name suggests the Universe as your sandbox and you can do what ever you want to the universe. With the universe at your finger tips you can do almost anything from changing the mass of an object, their velocity and more.

When you start the game for the first time you are brought through an interactive tutorial to help you learn the controls and to show you what you can do in the game. After the tutorial you can now begin the game.

The game works on you loading up different simulations in which there is a large enough amount. Simulations range from simulating out solar system, earth and moon, galaxy collision, constellations and more.

When you start a simulation it will load up and you can do what you where shown in the tutorial. You can mess with almost anything physics wise on a planet or star etc. What is makes this great is that the game actively simulates all the laws of physics like Newton’s law of gravity etc.

So as an example I took the sun and I increased its mass to that of 9 suns and what it did was attract the inner planets and gravity sling shotted them out of the solar system and the outer planets began taking a long orbit that saw it going out as far as Neptune is and then to as close as Mercury.

There is nothing more you can say about this game. It is a great physics simulator in the way that it actually makes physics fun an enjoyable by making you are forgetting you are learning by allowing the user to have fun.

In conclusion this game is nothing more than a way of showing how physics of space work and by this nature it appears to a very small section and that is those who like physics, but the price could draw people in and give people some unsuspecting people a greater understanding of how space works, but apart from messing with all the celestial bodies the game gets boring pretty fast.

Rating: 70% (7/10)

You can purchase the game of Steam buy clicking here

The cost of the game is €9.99.

Author: Ash Meehan

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